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This brilliantly innovative extra-clear, almost reflection-free glass allows users in all sorts of environments to view vital information quickly and efficiently – from doctors examining a patient’s condition on monitoring equipment to commuters checking their train times on rail station departure boards.
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Extremely transparent with near-zero reflection

SCHOTT’s CONTURAN® glass provides outstanding transparency and clarity thanks to its powerful anti-reflective capabilities and high light transmission qualities. Its optical interference coating reflects back less than 1% of light, as well as offering high color fidelity.

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Tough customer

CONTURAN® is one of the toughest anti-reflective glasses on the market and is extremely resistant to heat, chemicals, corrosion, impact, abrasion, and all cleaning agents, which makes it ideal for frequent-use applications in demanding environments.

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Product variants

The CONTURAN® family hosts a variety of glass types for a wide array of roles: CONTURAN® Tough and Tough AS in industrial and medical applications, fingerprint-resistant DARO for touch applications, and Low-E for food cabinets.

SCHOTT CONTURAN® anti-reflective glass for technical glazing

We are certified

SCHOTT CONTURAN® undergoes a series of rigorous mechanical and chemical tests to prove its stability, including the Tesa and Taber Abrasion Tests, Pencil Hardness and Cheesecloth Tests, plus a number of chemical and corrosion resistance tests.

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