ColdVision CV-LS with Ring Light

ColdVision Fiber Optic Illumination

SCHOTT ColdVision Fiber Optic Illumination for machine vision and stereo microscopy brings together LED light sources, fiber optic light guides and accessories in a single, versatile service where the products are specially designed to work together.
A range of SCHOTT ColdVision Light Guides

Measurements with high precision and speed

By using glass optical fibers with high incoupling efficiency in combination with powerful light sources, the SCHOTT ColdVision series offers a homogeneous and at the same time high light output. As a result, measurements can be done with highest precision and speed.

Close-up of the optical fibers of a SCHOTT ColdVision Light Guide

Designed for demanding situations

ColdVision light sources come with a robust metal housing while the light guides offer strong protection against pressure and other mechanical challenges for improved fiber longevity - despite their light weight. Those properties make the series the ideal choice for harsh environments in industrial applications.

SCHOTT ColdVision Dual Gooseneck Light Guide

Product variants

As optimum illumination is vital for the effectiveness of vision applications, SCHOTT provides a broad range of ColdVision light guides, light sources and accessories to deliver the ideal contrast for every application. LED light sources in combination with various light guides like goosenecks, flexible bundles, ring lights and line lights, offer a versatile solution.

More about variants
SCHOTT ColdVision CV-LS Light Source
ColdVision MC-LS Light Source
SCHOTT ColdVision Dual Back Light
SCHOTT ColdVision Dual Randomized Flexible Bundle Light Guide
Combination of four SCHOTT ColdVision Line Lights
SCHOTT ColdVision Daylight Color Filter
SCHOTT ColdVision Articulated Arm

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