Diagnostic consumable rendering

Diagnostic and life science consumables

As pioneers in the development and manufacturing of IVD and life science consumables, we've accumulated decades of years of experience in the areas of microarrays, microfluidic design and injection molding. Explore our diverse solutions that can take your innovation, from impossible to possible.

Spotting of DNA Microarray

Microarray solutions

Our proprietary dispensing technology offers precision, high-throughput, and flexibility, enabling a cost-effective option for research and diagnostic companies looking to outsource array development and manufacturing at the highest quality.

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Hand holding a microfluidic device

Microfluidic solutions

As pioneers in microfluidic design and manufacturing for diagnostic and life science research consumables, we excel at seamlessly integrating diverse functionalities, materials, and processes.

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Production facility of SCHOTT Minifab for precision injection molding solutions

Injection molding

SCHOTT MINIFAB is a global leader in precision injection molding. We excel at delivering parts with precision features and tight tolerances.

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Dieter Cronauer


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