VisiLED Microscopy Illumination

The VisiLED system combines power and intensity with a broad range of light heads, controllers and accessories to offer customers an advanced lighting solution for microscopy systems. Digital switching between settings adds additional options for a wide range of applications.

Digital control with supreme flexibility

Switch settings without mechanical movement

The SCHOTT VisiLED series enables users to switch back and forth between different illumination methods via a controller or PC. With no mechanical movements, this provides an extremely fast switching process and significantly improves consistency.

Two-channel control

In contrast to other microscopy lighting systems, the advanced controller of the VisiLED series offers separate control of two light heads.

Solutions for different lens designs available

The VisiLED portfolio offers solutions for lenses with different mounting diameters. By simply exchanging focus optic rings, three variable working distance ranges are possible for brightfield and darkfield illumination, while a slim ringlight design provides ample space for use with objective revolvers.

Advanced accessories

The combination of light head and controller enables the use of advanced accessories such as the segmented polarizer set – not available in other series. Thanks to its construction, it’s possible to switch back and forth electronically between brightfield and polarization via a controller or PC.

Ring Lights - VisiLED Series

Chart showing the characteristics and optical properties of the SCHOTT VisiLED UV Ring Light


Optical Specifications UV Ring Light S80-55 UV:

Optical Transmittance of UV protection filter SCHOTT GG4435

Chart showing the optical transmittance of the SCHOTT GG4435 UV protection filter


Spectrum UV

Chart showing the UV spectrum of the SCHOTT VisiLED UV Ring Light



Back Lights - VisiLED Series

Table showing the technical specifications of SCHOTT VisiLED Back Lights

Controller - VisiLED Series

OnEx VisiLED Controller Technical Specifications

Accessories - VisiLED Series

OnEx VisiLED Accessories Technical Specifications

Observation methods - VisiLED Series

Table showing the observation methods of the SCHOTT VisiLED series

System diagram - VisiLED Series

System diagram showing the compatibility of SCHOTT VisiLED products and accessories

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