Pharmaceutical Glass Vials

Whether biologic or non-biologic, all drugs require an effective storage solution for their entire shelf life to ensure patient safety. Made with the unique FIOLAX® glass, SCHOTT’s range of vials offer outstanding strength and chemical resistance for high drug stability and effective function.
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Proteins constitute the largest segment of biologic drugs – monoclonal antibodies in particular are often very sensitive. The inner coating of SCHOTT’s Type I plus® keeps container-drug interaction to a minimum, while SCHOTT EVERIC® pure vials deliver unmatched drug stability for low-filling volumes, minimizing the risk of delamination. For customers who want to reduce their costs during lyophilization due to fogging, we offer SCHOTT TopLyo®.

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Since most vaccines are produced on a mass scale and may also require transportation to some of the world’s most remote areas, stable storage is vital, along with a seamless fill + finish process. SCHOTT TopLyo® can reduce rejections due to zero fogging during lyophilization, while EVERIC® offers a high level of chemical resistance, as well as optimized container strength and an outer coating for smooth processing.

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Gene therapy

Gene therapy is one of the fastest growing areas of biologics, where genetically modified cells or vectors are introduced to the patient in order to influence the body’s response to threats or replace defective genes. Since these therapies often target a very small patient population, drug batches are highly valuable, so the SCHOTT adaptiQ® pre-sterilized platform offers increased flexibility for filling with no glass-to-glass contact.

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mRNA applications

The demanding low temperature storage and transport conditions of mRNA applications come with specific challenges for their drug containment solutions. A choice of our vials as well as our prefillable syringes made of glass and polymer can help to package an mRNA drug safely.

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