PYRAN® is the clear choice for all applications with high safety requirements and demands for aesthetic appeal and unique design qualities. Over 25 years of experience in fire-resistant glazing has helped SCHOTT develop glass designs for a broad variety of functions in a wide range of sectors.
Glass double door with long corridor behind

Fire doors

PYRAN® is an excellent choice for use in fire doors. Whether fitted in timber or steel structures, SCHOTT has many decades of experience in developing glass panels that provide strong visibility even in an extreme temperature environment. Taken with a high softening temperature, superior viscosity and no formation of NiS crystals, PYRAN® is the strong, safe choice for fire doors.

Exterior of an office building with glass facade


Fire-resistant glazing is used to prevent the spread of fire horizontally as well as vertically, and facades made from PYRAN® offer protection for surrounding buildings. As well as fire prevention, ISO PYRAN® S provides heightened security, excellent shading, reliable thermal control, privacy and noise protection, while having the design versatility to complement the aesthetic feel of a building.

Building roof made with fire-resistant glass panels


PYRAN® in roof structures effectively protects against the vertical spread of fire. Since glass in overhead areas is subject to extremely heavy loads, laminated safety glass in roofs has to meet stringent regulation standards. PYRAN® glass doesn’t just offer heat resistance but also strong impact resistance, and SCHOTT ISO PYRAN® S is ideally suited to roof glazing thanks to its stability at a range of temperatures and under direct sunlight.

Internal glass partitions in an office building


Partition walls in areas such as escape routes and stairways can act as a further level of protection against the spread of fire, with PYRAN® used widely for the design of fire-rated partitions that hold off flames and smoke for long periods. The excellent light transmission qualities of PYRAN® mean daylight can still flow freely, and areas such as staircases are protected without detracting from the clean, bright appearance of the space.

Office reception area with glass smoke screens

Smoke screens

Heavily frequented areas of buildings such as shopping centers and train stations require subtle, unobtrusive but effective smoke screens to ensure that in the event of a fire, the spread of smoke is limited as effectively and safely as possible. The powerful heat resistance of PYRAN® means it’s ideal for this purpose, while its stable light transmission and attractive appearance fit seamlessly with the modern look of 21st century public spaces.

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Facade with barrier railings made of fire-resistant glass PYRAN® L

Barrier railings

Fire rated railings E30/E60 to prevent fire spread in facade for high energy-efficient façades in new buildings or retrofit to existing buildings. PYRAN® L with a high light transmission, up to (91%) and no coatings gives a highly transparent and durable solution for this application.

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