Glass Door Systems for Freezer Cabinets

Glass Door Systems for Freezer Cabinets

SCHOTT glass door systems offer reliable, robust and user-friendly solutions for a wide range of freezers in the retail field, from supermarkets to convenience stores. They can also be retrofitted to existing cabinets, replace heated doors with passive doors, or customized with specific units in mind.


Woman opening a freezer door in a supermarket

Glass door systems

Drawing on decades of experience working closely with customers, SCHOTT offers a broad variety of glass door systems tightly tailored to your requirements. Our solutions for freezer cabinets provide the best possible views for shoppers in attractive showcase-like designs, while remaining adaptable to different store layouts, space and lighting considerations, plus energy efficiency requirements.

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Retrofit for freezers

Retrofitting is a highly efficient way of reducing costs and energy consumption in the freezer sections of retail spaces. Replacing traditional heated freezer doors with SCHOTT Termofrost® ECO-Clear energy-free doors can reduce energy bills by more than half, meaning your investment soon pays for itself. SCHOTT’s expertise and experience also means installation is quick and easy.

A line of freezers in a supermarket aisle with SCHOTT Termofrost® glass doors


At SCHOTT we pride ourselves on working with customers to develop bespoke solutions for individual retailers. Our co-development programs deliver innovative and exceptional freezer door systems, taking you from initial concept development and prototype to testing and final product launch. This approach offers key differentiation from your competitors and a solution that perfectly matches your needs.

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