A range of SCHOTT optical filter glasses in different shapes and colors

Optical Filter Glass

For more than 135 years, SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass has been known for its high quality, purity and outstanding properties. Offering selective absorption in certain wavelength ranges, our broad portfolio and experience in the field means we can find a bespoke spectral solution for your exact requirements.
A range of square and round blue, red and yellow SCHOTT optical filter glasses

Quality, reliability, long-term availability

The products in the SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass portfolio come in all shapes and sizes, but each offer high transmittance, high blocking and no polarization effects. Our experience with different surface qualities and thickness tolerances means we can confidently manufacture complex types of glass, with optical and protective coatings available.

Stack of red and yellow optical filter glass discs

Filter glass portfolio and custom-made components

Filter glass plays a crucial role in a number of applications, such as sensor systems, which depend on filters to operate in the correct range of the electromagnetic spectrum. You can select filters from our standard portfolio or we can provide custom-made solutions to satisfy your requirements. Special coatings or toughened filters are also available.

Interactive Filter Diagram

SCHOTT offers a wide range of optical filter solutions to meet every challenge. To find the right filter for your application, use our Interactive Filter Diagram.

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A range of SCHOTT optical filter glasses in different shapes and colors

Product variants

Expertise and experience in a wide variety of production methods enable us to offer an extensive portfolio of filter glasses, as well as the ability to produce large formats and customized melting of special glasses or geometries, such as large-size filters for astronomy and science.

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Workers pouring hot orange molten glass into a mold
Schott second product variant

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