Glass-ceramics have a characteristic manufacturing process and a unique set of properties. Combining the best aspects of glass and ceramic, they represent a new class of materials. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of lithium-aluminum-silicate (LAS) glass-ceramics can be tailored to nearly zero.
Factory workers pouring molten glass into a mold

Precise properties carefully controlled

Glass-ceramics are processed in two production steps: glass melting, including hot forming, and ceramization. The resulting material offers unique properties, such as near-zero expansion over a wide temperature range. The manufacturing process requires precise temperature management for outstanding homogeneity and tight control of the exact specifications.

Glass-ceramic component in the shape of a hexagon

A unique success story for more than 50 years

SCHOTT has been manufacturing and developing glass-ceramics for over 50 years. In that time, the material has opened up new possibilities for engineers and designers all over the world – and in space – by providing materials with unique sets of properties. Their applications range from home appliances, machinery and plant manufacturing, architecture, lithography and metrology to astronomy.

Illustration of a solid oxide fuel cell

Use of glass-ceramics as a sealing material

The wide variety of glass-ceramics is evidence of the material’s remarkable range of properties and, like glass, their composition is highly variable. Glass-ceramics are used as sealing material in components that need to withstand harsh environments and high operating temperatures, such as solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzer cells.

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News & Innovation stories

Developed for extreme conditions

SCHOTT NEXTREMA® is a highly versatile glass-ceramic material platform that allows product designers, engineers and other developers to obtain exactly the right material to meet their project’s individual demands.

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High precision sensor on ZERODUR® glass-ceramic

Accurate to a millionth of a millimeter

How the low thermal expansion of ZERODUR® is enabling new ideas and innovation.

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Glass powder melting in a laboratory oven furnace

Excited about efficiently generated energy

Extremely heat-resistant glass and glass-ceramic powders are key for the long-term performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC).

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