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Our ultra-robust High Brightness Solidur® LEDs deliver unparalleled reliability in conditions previously unsupported by conventional LEDs. This includes safety-critical medical, dental, UVB/UVC, and other harsh-environment applications in which conventional LEDs and other light sources are unable to survive.

Small clear diamond held in tweezers next to a SCHOTT Solidur® Mini LED

Brilliantly robust in the most extreme conditions

Solidur® LEDs encapsulate sensitive LED chips in packages made entirely from non-aging materials, which makes them highly resistant to temperature, humidity, chemicals, pressure, vibrations and UV radiation. This includes autoclaving for medical devices, with Solidur® LEDs remaining fully functional with outstanding optical performance after 3,500 sterilizaton cycles.

Four Solidur® LEDs integrated into a medical wound retractor

Enabling new light design innovations

Solidur® LEDs deliver superior robustness and longevity, opening new possibilities for lighting design. In medical and dental instruments, sterilizable LEDs can be integrated directly at the tip, bringing the light source closer to the treatment area and enabling battery-powered devices. Even instruments with no previous light source can benefit from LED integration.

SCHOTT Solidur® Mini LED shining white light

Product variants

Solidur® LEDs are offered in four fully customizable base designs: our Solidur® Mini LED, Ring LED, TO LED and SMD LED variants can be adapted to suit your unique application needs.

More about variants
SCHOTT Solidur® Ring LED with six LED chips
Single SCHOTT Solidur® Transistor Outline (TO) LED
SCHOTT Solidur® SMD LED in square housing shining white light

We are certified

All our production facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified.

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