Laser equipment in a laboratory

Laser Optics

SCHOTT has been involved in the development of laser optics for decades, and continues to work hard to introduce new technological advances to the market that break new ground and help industries such as aviation and medicine optimize their laser optics solutions.

Laser Metrology

The use of lasers to achieve accurate analysis of remote locations is only possible thanks to advanced fiber optics, and SCHOTT is a leading provider of optical fiber technology for specialist applications in industry, analytics and sensors. Lasers are particularly useful where precision analysis of moving, hot or delicate materials is required, and SCHOTT’s wide variety of fiber types and diameters, plus input and output connectors, allows us to tailor active laser glass products for our metrology customers’ particular requirements.

Material Processing

Laser materials processing has become a fixture of modern manufacturing over recent years, and its accuracy depends on the quality of glass that amplifies the laser light for operations such as cutting, drilling, welding and marking. Our APG-760 range of advanced laser glasses with advanced thermo-mechanical properties is ideal for laser systems with high repetition rates.

Commercial Rangefinders

Laser rangefinders continue to be highly valuable across a variety of industries for their ability to use Time of Flight techniques to accurately establish precise distances. A number of SCHOTT laser glass products are proving highly useful in the aviation industry, including ‘Eye-safe’ phosphate laser glass products such as LG-940, LG-950 and LG-960.

Laser R&D

SCHOTT’s expertise in the laser glass field is unrivalled, and we continue to work with leading research and development projects around the world. We understand how to blend the physical attributes of glass with rare earth properties to deliver active laser glass products tailored to a specific application. Recently, we have been producing active laser glass in large formats for high power laser facilities such as the European Laser Institute in Germany and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US.

Medical and Esthetic Laser

Laser technology is employed in a wide range of medical areas, including dermatological surgery such as tattoo removal or the treatment of pigmentation marks. The challenge is to achieve consistently accurate laser beams over long distances or in difficult-to-reach points, which is where SCHOTT’s high quality light and image guides excel, helping to focus laser beams exactly where they are needed, with exactly the right intensity and uniformity.

Glass Tubing for Laser

Glass tubes in laser cutting machines must be an exact standard to be fully effective. One particular characteristic they require is straightness, which is why so many laser producers use SCHOTT’s renowned DURAN® range of glass tubing. Its robustness, and stability ensure a precise optical path is maintained even after long-term use.

Laser Flash Lamps

Flash lamps are used as pulsed pumping sources for solid state lasers, and SCHOTT innovations continue to advance this technology. Our experts have developed phosphor ceramic converter components for laser pumped phosphor light sources, enabling superior luminance in laser phosphor wheels for digital projectors. As a result, the projectors achieve more reliable long-term brightness, luminescence and color performance, with its high temperature stability and exceptional heat conductivity making it a durable solution.