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SCHOTT ID – One access to explore SCHOTT’s digital services

SCHOTT ID enables customers and partners to use all of our digital services via a single access point. The integrated “single sign-on” function allows you to switch between different services without having to re-register or log in again. With your SCHOTT ID account, you have complete access to the digital world of SCHOTT.

How it works

The registration and authorization process is divided into two main parts: Firstly, register for a ‘SCHOTT ID’ with your company email address and set your own password. This email address and password can then be used for each application/service connected to your SCHOTT ID.

Secondly, each service/application has its own authorization logic depending on the content/service. After logging in with your SCHOTT ID, the application-specific authorization process starts, which means you do not have to enter your information again. After the internal authorization process, you will receive a welcome email for the specific application.

Digital services that can be used with SCHOTT ID

World of Innovations

You are invited to explore the World of Innovations – a 100 % virtual experience of the latest innovations from SCHOTT. Discover different application areas, interact with our products to learn about their features, and find the solution that fits your needs.

Sign up and get ready to explore the World of Innovations.

Experience now

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The registration process is divided into two parts:

  1. Please enter the basic registration form to create your SCHOTT ID account.
  2. Following application-specific authorization (which may take up to 48 hours), you will receive a welcome e-mail.
As our digital services handles sensitive data, we validate your registration to ensure the accuracy of the given and the integrity of our systems. To do this, we match your registration data with customer data already stored in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool or validate your registration request through a double opt-in process. This may take some time. As soon as we identify you as a SCHOTT customer or potential customer, you will receive a welcome email.
Each SCHOTT ID application has its own authorization process. If you already have a SCHOTT ID account then authorization for new applications will be faster as we have already identified you as a SCHOTT customer or potential customer.

As the applications using SCHOTT ID are designed for SCHOTT customers or potential customer, please register with your company email address so that we can identify you within our CRM system.

Terms and conditions
Data protection information

To start the self-service process, please go to the log-in page and click on ‘Forgot Password’. Enter your email address and a message with a link to reset your password will be emailed to you.

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