Wash and Ceiling Lights

Perfect lighting creates a perfect atmosphere and SCHOTT’s HelioJet® cabin lighting system delivers beautiful, natural lighting for aircraft cabins. We are the only cabin lighting specialist to follow a holistic approach, orchestrating different light elements into a single cabin lighting scenario.
Diagram of an LED from the SCHOTT HelioJet® SpectrumCC aircraft cabin lighting system

Smooth illumination, soothing ambience

The smooth, uniform illumination offered by the SCHOTT HelioJet® SpectrumCC system creates a soothing atmosphere and a relaxing flight for passengers. The stable color performance comes from advanced sensor technology that controls the LEDs to ensure a smooth, uniform wash of light throughout the aircraft cabin.

The interior of an aircraft bathed in blue light from the SCHOTT HelioJet® SpectrumCC cabin lighting system

Low cost of ownership

Airlines benefit from the cost-saving design of SCHOTT HelioJet® SpectrumCC Wash and Ceiling Lights, with the HelioJet® system using 80% less diodes than other LED systems, meaning less maintenance. The system also has a long service life, demonstrating an impressive MTBF of more than one million flight hours.

An LED strip from the SCHOTT HelioJet® SpectrumCC aviation lighting system

Product variants

The ability of the SCHOTT HelioJet® SpectrumCC system to create 16.7 million colors offers limitless ambient lighting effects, from an inspiring sunrise to a calming sunset. The system is specially designed for a perfect reproduction of chrono-biological color scenarios.

HelioJet® solution wins German Innovation Award

We are certified

SCHOTT Aviation Lighting is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for quality and environment, and EASA Parts 21/G and 145 for Production.

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Let there be light!
News & Innovation stories

Let there be light!

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Three-time award winners

Three-time award winners

Find out which three SCHOTT lighting solutions won a 2018 German Innovation Award.

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Portrait of Dr. Achim Leder

Well-being on board

Dr. Achim Leder, founder and managing director of jetlite GmbH from Hamburg, Germany talks about how Human Centric Lighting makes flying more pleasant and what we as air travelers can look forward to in the future.

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