Pair of NTC thermistors made using SCHOTT 8360 lead-free glass


SCHOTT 8360 is a lead-free specialty glass that offers almost identical properties to lead glasses, making it an ideal alternative for applications such as negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors. This soft glass also possesses low temperature sealing properties and a high dielectric constant.
Series of SCHOTT 8360 glass sleeves for NTC thermistors

Lead-free glass

Every industry sector faces increasing regulatory concerns regarding human health and environmental responsibility. The lead-free SCHOTT 8360 glass is ideal for the encapsulation of NTC thermistor chips, and behaves just like a lead glass in the production process.

Pair of NTC thermistors made using SCHOTT 8360 lead-free glass

Applications across the board

SCHOTT 8360 special lead-free glass for NTC thermistors can be used in many industry sectors, including consumer, health, automotive, and technology. Developed using our longstanding experience in specialty glass, this borosilicate glass helps the manufacturers of NTC thermistors prepare for future regulatory demands by providing lead-free glass components.

We are certified

SCHOTT Tubing is certified by Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 (GMP for Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging).

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