SCHOTT processing plant in Penang, Malaysia


Located in the state of Penang in Malaysia, this highly advanced processing plant is one of SCHOTT’s leading facilities in Asia. Processing press blanks, optical glass components, and glass wafers for a wide range of applications, SCHOTT Penang serves industries as diverse as health, datacom, and aerospace.

A pioneer for Asian success

SCHOTT established its plant in the Malaysian state of Penang in 1974 with 80 employees to serve the developing optics market in Southeast Asia. As SCHOTT’s first plant in the Asian continent, it has grown to employ 870 people and comprises the two business units of Advanced Optics and Home Tech. Serving the consumer and industrial segments of the optics market, the facility is the leading manufacturer of molded optical blanks for lenses and prisms used for digital still and single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras, as well as high-end projectors, glass wafers, and structured glass wafers.

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Markets and applications

The SCHOTT manufacturing plant in Penang serves a vast range of markets and applications, from microscopy cover glasses and microfluidic components for the health sector to glass wafers and MEMS packaging for the semiconductor market. Products such as flexible cover glasses and fingerprint sensor covers also have a key role in smartphone technology, while components for optical solar reflectors and photovoltaics are vital for the aerospace industry.

List of markets and applications served by the SCHOTT manufacturing plant in Penang


Using advanced technology and equipment, SCHOTT Penang processes a wide range of glass products using the highest quality materials. With a specialist knowledge of optics, the facility manufactures prisms and lenses for digital and SLR cameras, as well as cover glasses that provide robust protection for smartphone displays and sensors. The plant also specializes in structured glass wafers and packaging for the health and datacom industries.

Hermetic Packages for LiDAR MEMS Mirrors

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SCHOTT Glass (M) Sdn Bhd

2024 Tingkat Perusahaan 6, Zon Perindustrian Bebas 2
13600 Perai, Penang, Malaysia

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Pearl of the Orient

Known as the Pearl of the Orient, the Malaysian state of Penang is located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, by the Malacca Strait. The area is known for its diverse Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures, as well as its sandy beaches, colonial buildings, and delicious cuisine.

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