Silver outdoor grill with glass-ceramic viewing panel

Master the Grill – through a glass-ceramic window

Fire Magic® Grills are hot – in more ways than one. According to RH Peterson Co., parent company of Fire Magic®, they put out more BTUs (British Thermal Units, the “horsepower for grills” so to speak) per square inch than any other residential-available grill. And for homeowners installing outdoor kitchens, they represent the pinnacle of design. So when engineers at RH Peterson Co., wanted to build a grill with a window, they needed a material that could withstand intense heat, extreme temperature changes, and look good while doing it.

Glass-ceramics to master the task

In the past, a glass window on the barbecue grill was once a standard feature. But the tempered glass grill makers used wasn’t up to the task as it tended to weaken or break when exposed to high heat or sudden temperature changes (e.g. rain). To compensate, the windows were usually tiny. And over time, smoke and grease combined to stain the glass an uncleanable grayish-yellow. Windows soon disappeared from grills altogether.
However, grill masters still desired a way to see inside the grill while the food was cooking. Being able to catch flare-ups means the difference between “grill master or grill disaster”.

A transparent piece of SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic retains its strength even at the high temperatures generated during grilling and is highly resistant to thermal shock. If the glass-ceramic were heated to 820°C (1,508°F) and then immersed in water at room temperature, there would be no effect at all. Its thermal expansion is close to zero.

Silver outdoor grill with glass-ceramic viewing panel surrounded by food

Grilling with all senses

Incorporating NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic allowed Fire Magic® to design a viewing window into the grill lid, with a unique contoured face. A novel design approach that reduces frequent cleaning of the glass-ceramic window to a minimum. Their specially designed curved hood creates an “air-wash,” moving smoke and splatter to the back of the unit, so grillers can always see the action without opening the hood at all. The contoured shape also opened up the lid surface, allowing more visibility into the grill. A true grill masters dream.
Near zero thermal expansion

Near zero thermal expansion

NEXTREMA® allows grill makers to build windows in various shapes and sizes.

Resistance to thermal shock

Resistance to thermal shock

NEXTREMA® won't shatter in the rain.

Smooth, non-porous surface

Smooth, non-porous surface

NEXTREMA® is easy to clean.

The contoured window

The contoured window

Air-wash effect preserves the view by pushing smoke and sizzle to the back.

Interior LED lighting

Interior LED lighting

Grillers can get a full picture of Fire Magic® Grill’s large grill surface.

Near zero thermal expansion

Resistance to thermal shock

Smooth, non-porous surface

The contoured window

Interior LED lighting

Testimonial Slider-01_Mike Waller
"We’re looking at putting windows in more models and making new models with bigger windows. It’s something that absolutely puts Fire Magic® Grills at an advantage on the showroom floor."
Mike Waller
VP of Sales, Fire Magic® Grills
Testimonial Slider-02_Roberto Perez Castro
"These large windows are more than just a pretty face. They have a design purpose and a functional purpose. Grill manufacturers can separate themselves from the competition with a unique lid design and grill enthusiasts can monitor their food even when the lid is close."
Roberto Perez Castro
Head of Product Management SCHOTT NEXTREMA®
Testimonial Slider-03_Jerry Scott
"I was one of the first to install the Echelon grill in my own home and I fell in love with it. As far as cleaning, due to weather, the outside gets dirtier than the inside."
Jerry Scott
Sr. VP, RH Peterson (and Grill Master)
Silver grill with SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic viewing panel

Need to add some sizzle to your grill products?

Check out SCHOTT NEXTREMA® complete portfolio of glass-ceramic lids, Burner Shields, side burners and accessories.

Silver grill with open glass-ceramic lid

A perfect view into the grill

A transparent NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic window or lid allows the user to see what‘s happening inside the BBQ without opening up the lid and crashing internal temperatures.

Silver grill with SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic viewing panel

Function meets design

Keeping the heat where it belongs, while visually monitoring flare-ups. It also adds a sophisticated design element to the overall look of a grill.

Back cover made using SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic for infrared rotisserie burner

Modern update to a rather old grilling style

Use NEXTREMA® tinted glass-ceramic to enhance an old barbecuing style like infrared grill rotisserie burner. Not only does it add a striking design element to the grill, but gives backyards chefs an amazing degree of temperature control with efficient IR transmission while protecting the heaters behind the glass-ceramic panel. Heat transfers across the burner, cooking the food more evenly. Perfect for larger food items – and the material is easy to clean, too.

NEXTREMA® Burner Shield glass-ceramic cover for gas burners

Visible but protected

NEXTREMA® Burner Shields are transparent, allowing users to receive visual feedback on ignition and size of the flame when adjusting the controls. Especially in combination with transparent lids or windows. Providing safety and peace of mind by putting an end to BBQ cooks wondering if the grill ignited or not. Burner Shields are non-corrosive, and provide manufacturers an almost maintenance-free alternative to metal sheets. At high heat, drippings simply burn off, of the smooth, non-porous surface.

Silver grill with open lid and white glass-ceramic sample

Stylish grill accessories and planchas

BBQ accessories, such as pizza stones and planchas, are even more stylish and in demand with NEXTREMA®. Making pizza or vegetables on the grill possible without falling through the grates. It requires no preheating time and is easy to clean.

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Head of NEXTREMA® Product Management