Illuminated section of SCHOTT VisiLED Ring Light

VisiLED Microscopy Illumination

The SCHOTT VisiLED series is a range of advanced modular LED illumination products specially designed for stereo microscopy. Active control of the LED temperature, the option to select different controllers, and a large number of accessories enable bespoke lighting systems for your application.
SCHOTT VisiLED MC 1500 Controller

Smart control

A broad range of control options allows you to select exactly the right product for basic tasks, as well as complex systems with two computer-controlled light heads. Controllable options include light intensity, segment modes and change of illumination direction.

SCHOTT VisiLED Ring Light for stereo microscopy

Flexible options for strong contrast

The SCHOTT VisiLED product line offers powerful light heads for tasks up to the highest magnification. In addition, darkfield options plus segmentation and control of individual spots enable a number of contrasting methods to make the invisible visible.

SCHOTT VisiLED Back Light

Product variants

There are a number of different products in the SCHOTT VisiLED series for stereo microscopy, including ring lights and back lights, as well as a range of accessories and controllers. Taken together, they form a highly controllable illumination system that offers a powerful, flexible and universal lighting solution.

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SCHOTT VisiLED Ring Light S80-65N
	SCHOTT VisiLED MC 1500 Controller
SCHOTT VisiLED Segmented Polarizer Set
Tubular Diffuser

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