Thumb poised over a fingerprint touchscreen security system

Safety and Security

Glass plays a significant role in safety in a wide range of industries, especially in the security field. From facilitating x-ray vision and optimum screening to supplying glass material for protection and preserving long-life batteries, SCHOTT glass products combine quality and versatility.

Electronics and Cameras

The optimization of long-range vision in all conditions has always been a (primary) security objective, and SCHOTT components are key to producing clear visible and thermal images. IR materials and fiber optic inverters in image intensifier tubes are vital components of night vision cameras, and we also specialize in faceplates for a wide range of image enhancement devices. Meanwhile, our high quality hermetic packages enable sensitive electronic components to function in the harshest environments.

Security Screening

High quality security screening relies on lighting technology – an area where SCHOTT has unrivalled expertise. Our products ensure the best possible operation of screening equipment and machine vision, and provide specialty lighting for spotlights, searchlights and x-ray sources. Our versatile faceplates also deliver high-quality imagery from x-rays and enhance the signal-to-noise ratio in image sensors, while SCHOTT ceramic converters enable high luminance for phosphor light sources.

Lithium Primary and Li-Ion Batteries

Safety and defense applications require highly reliable and rugged batteries with long operating lives. This can be achieved by using inorganic, non-aging glass seals instead of organic polymers or rubbers, which are prone to aging in harsh conditions. Applying decades of knowledge and expertise, SCHOTT's glass-sealed feedthroughs and battery covers provide long-lasting protection for lithium battery chemistries.