Helicopters flying across an ocean into the sunset

Security and Defense

The stakes don’t get any higher than in global security and defense. That’s why these industries rely on SCHOTT to deliver innovative and reliable glass materials and components of supreme quality, with close working relationships helping to provide uncompromising levels of effectiveness and dependability.
A pair of binoculars

Situational Awareness and Sighting

SCHOTT technology helps to provide an extra pair of eyes at any time of the day in any security situation.

Transport aircraft on the runway


While all SCHOTT glass materials and products are robust and reliable, some are specially designed to withstand the most challenging mechanical stresses and environmental conditions, while maintaining their impeccable optic credentials.

Range of displays and controls for navigation and observation

Sensors and Electronics

Advanced glass materials, optical components and hermetic packaging protect the complex, delicate. microscopic electronic components that comprise the state-of-the-art hardware security and defense industries rely on.

Thumb poised over a fingerprint touchscreen security system

Safety and Security

Security systems require glass materials that protect from harmful radiation such as x-rays, while the exceptionally high safety levels required by the defense, security and aviation sectors need to be maintained by high quality components.