Range of SCHOTT Light Guide Rods of different shapes and sizes

Light Guide Rods

SCHOTT’s innovative light guide rods ensure perfect illumination for instruments in dentistry, endoscopy, level sensing and many other fields in industry. Our advanced shaping processes enable a large variety of different shapes, bending angles and cross-sections. We also act as an expert partner when you need to develop challenging designs.

Bundle of eco-friendly PURAVIS® clear glass optical fibers with a background of white flowers

Perfect light transmission

Cutting-edge glass optical fibers such as the eco-friendly PURAVIS® family offer high light transmission and enable sustainable solutions. Due to a very low color shift, illuminated objects retain their natural color. In addition, thanks to an improved numerical aperture, the light guides capture more light from the very start.

Two SCHOTT Shaped Light Guide Rods of different shapes

Extreme geometries

SCHOTT's special production processes facilitate extreme bending angles and tapering, which are highly valued in the medical and industrial sectors where space is precious. We also offer a wide range of geometries with exact measurement in small tolerances and consistent reproduction.

Range of SCHOTT Light Guide Rods of different shapes and sizes

Product variants

SCHOTT Light Guide Rods are available in straight and shaped forms, and are highly customizable. Straight light guide rods are ideal for bulk light transmission, while our shaped light guide rods can be transformed into 2D and 3D shapes to precisely fit your requirements.

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Three SCHOTT Straight Light Guide Rods of different sizes
Range of SCHOTT Shaped Light Guide Rods of different shapes
The importance of effective light guides in dental equipment.

We are certified

SCHOTT offers high quality products and services along tight regulatory directives, including ISO-13485, ISO 50001 and ISO 9001 / 14001.

Karen Holst, Senior Product Manager Medical at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging, with PURAVIS® glass optical fibers
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