KL - 1500 HAL with Gooseneck 150.700, 154.101

KL Fiber Optic Light Guides

SCHOTT’s KL Fiber Optic Light Guides offer modular fiber optic illumination for stereo microscopy and are the ideal match for our KL Light Sources. Made using high quality PURAVIS® glass fibers in a tough metal housing, they deliver strong performance, superior longevity and outstanding transmission of white light.
White microscope with a fiber optic line light

Broad product portfolio

A large variety of light guides offer the flexibility to realize all common illumination techniques. Specialist light guides such as SCHOTT’s Line Light also emphasize the adaptable nature of our system, while the combination of light source and guide offer optimal contrast for an individual sample.

SCHOTT KL Fiber Optic Light Guide shining on an insect

High white light transmission

All SCHOTT microscopy light guides use PURAVIS® eco-friendly glass optical fibers to offer high light transmission and low color shift. And thanks to an improved numerical aperture, the light guides capture more light at their source, leading to a brighter, more intense output.

SCHOTT Dual Black Gooseneck Light Guide

Product variants

The optimal illumination of objects under examination is the most decisive factor for accurate results in stereo microscopy. The range of products and accessories in SCHOTT’s Fiber Optic Light Guide series ensures that you receive the very best contrast for your application.

More about variants
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Karen Holst, Senior Product Manager Medical at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging, with PURAVIS® glass optical fibers
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