Tubular Gage Glass

SCHOTT’s experience in the area of gage (or gauge) glass results in a broad range of applications. Whether it’s measuring liquid levels in tanks and reservoirs, water pressures in boilers, or the flow of gas or liquid in a flowmeter, they provide high accuracy and precision in the harshest of conditions.
Large reservoirs, tanks and pipes in modern water production plant
Gage glass in a tubular level gauge assembly

Tanks and reservoirs

Often referred to as sight glass, Tubular Gage Glass plays an essential role in tanks and reservoirs, offering a simple and efficient way to view liquid levels. Fitting between the upper and lower gage glass valves, the Red Line variant features a red line shaded with white lines to make levels easier to measure.

Modern industrial gas boiler room equipment for heating system

High and low pressure boilers

The outstanding thermal endurance of SCHOTT Tubular Gage Glasses, along with their strong transparency and reliable performance at high temperatures, make them ideal for liquid measurement in boilers. Molded into transparent tubes, rods, cylinders, or oil cups, our gage glasses enable the operators of high or low pressure boilers to safely and accurately observe the levels inside the appliance.

Four industrial flowmeters with gage glass


Monitoring the flow of gas or liquid through an appliance is essential in a number of industries, and SCHOTT Tubular Gage Glasses offer precision, safety and reliability. The high chemical and thermal shock resistance of DURAN® glass tubing results in gage glasses that are ideal for the demands of industrial flowmeters.

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