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Did you know that 82 million ampoules are opened every day and 89% of healthcare workers have difficulty opening them? The result is an increased chance of injury and high drug wastage. Structurally sound and reliable, SCHOTT ampoules provide secure storage and delivery for both injectable and oral drugs.
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Excellent fill + finish

The fill + finish process of SCHOTT ampoules is highly effective due to 100% controlled dimensional standards. Our high-quality ampoules are the result of stringent camera-controlled inspections for the avoidance of rejects, while our technical support team and SCHOTT ampoules Academy offer decades of pharmaceutical glass expertise and education.

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Outstanding stability during shelf life

SCHOTT ampoules are unique in that they are made of FIOLAX® Type I borosilicate glass with an excellent extractables and leachables profile. For enhanced drug stability, we offer ampoules made with FIOLAX® CHR (Controlled Hydrolytic Resistance).

Clear glass ampoule for drug storage

Product variants

We offer standard ampoule break systems and formats, as well as two variants: Ampoule AC (Anti-Counterfeiting) reduces drug counterfeiting by using ink containing unique light-emitting particles, while easyOPC ampoule offers simpler opening, with less chance of injury to healthcare professionals and reduced rejection of unusable drugs.

Clear glass ampoule with anti-counterfeiting marks

Award-winning ampoule

We are delighted to announce that SCHOTT easyOPC ampoule has been named finalist of the CPhI Pharma Awards. These highly prestigious awards recognize the innovation of pharmaceutical products around the world and we're all very proud.

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