Anja Thoma

HR Partner and Head of Training and Education, Mitterteich

Having such a great team is truly brilliant!

As an HR partner, I'm also the contact and support for staff in Sales, Controlling, IT, as well as for University Marketing.

In August 2020, I went on maternal leave, but now I'm back working. First I was a bit worried what would happen to my projects while I was away. But my team has provided me with excellent support.

That's what I like so much about SCHOTT: I am happy to have a team which is backing me up all the way! That has made getting back to work so much easier. Plus that I had people have the trust and confidence in me that I am quite able to fill this responsible position with life.

Anja Thoma, Head of Commercial Training for Apprentices, Mitterteich, Germany

Collaboration, trust and support

Currently, it's a big challenge to make vocational training so attractive that potential trainees realize it's cool and innovative to learn a vocational profession. Many young adults prefer going to university, although SCHOTT has so much to offer! I want to convey how many opportunities we can open up!

In this, our collaboration across different locations is an important plus, and it works really well. Here in Mitterteich, we're all pulling together in the same direction anyway. Our work is based on trust and honesty – the "trust-based flexitime" is based on the principle of "double honesty", and employees and superiors can work it out among themselves within the team. That has quite practical benefits: Should I need to look after my child, I can arrive at the office later, or leave early. And every other week, I'm working remotely from home .

Since I went to full-time hours, I enjoy the time I spend with my family even more intensively. The way things are right now, I hope it'll all go on like this for another few years: a responsible position at SCHOTT, where I'm truly able to move things, plus super support for all private concerns. That makes it easy for me to give my best!

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