Gloved hands bending a small panel of Xensation® Flex ultra-thin glass

Xensation® Flex

Only a few years ago, flexible glass would have been science fiction rather than science fact, but SCHOTT has pushed the boundaries of what is physically possible in glass technology. Xensation® Flex was selected by key customers in the consumer electronics market to realize free-form display design.
Sample of Xensation® Flex ultra-thin glass being tested for flexibility in a lab

A new definition of flexibility

Xensation® Flex won a Guinness Book of Records award in 1992 for being “The thinnest glass on Earth”. Its unique glass composition opens the possibility for chemical strengthening and retains its great folding performance after processing.

Woman holding foldable smartphone at night with city background

Innovation spirit – proven

SCHOTT pushes the limits of what is possible for our ultra-thin glass (SCHOTT UTG®). We deliver products with market-leading quality across a variety of applications. Once thought unachievable, our groundbreaking Xensation® Flex now enables high-end free-form displays such as foldable phones and bendable watches.

A glass that can bend more than 300,000 times

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