TO 33 Minilens Caps

Down-sized but upgraded.


The Transistor Outline caps fulfill two primary functions. First, they protect the optical components of transmission as well as reception applications. Second, they ensure the transmission of the optical signals by acting as an optical interface.

TO 33 Mini Lens Caps are designed for superior shear strength of lens.

Product features

  • Suitable for use on TO 33/38 headers.
  • Design available with high refractive ball lens cap for edge-emitting LD.
  • Also customizable for PD in TO 33 headers.
  • Reliable hermeticity.
  • Integrated minilens.
  • All caps can be supplied with special optical coatings to increase transmission.

Product images

TO 33 Molded Lens Cap
TO 33 – Flat window solder seal cap