Miniturized TO Headers

Design for specific application with high size requirement.


SCHOTT develops mini TO headers for some special application. For example, pigtail min header is used for optical network monitoring applications. To be more specific, it is suitable for analog applications such as sensors, CATV Rx in PON.

Product images

Pigtail mini header

  • Single isolated pin header with large area for PD attachment.
  • Header smaller than TO 38 with 2.36mm diameter.
  • Includes option of ground pin pre-attached onto header flange.
Pigtail mini header

TO 30 Mini Header

  • Header TO 30 with 3.0mm diameter.
  • Better space management for Quad modules.
TO 30 Mini Header

Micro TO-Enabling tomorrow’s QSFP-DD and µQSFP applications

  • The SMALLEST TO in the world for digital communication. Diameter is <3.0mm.
  • Designed for QSFP-DD, uQSFPTxor high density form factor.
  • fit 8X in row in QSFP-DD and OSFP.
  • Size is matched to existing chips available on the market.
Micro TO-Enabling tomorrow’s QSFP-DD and µQSFP applications
QSFP-DD and µQSFP applications