NIR Cutoff Filters

Wherever SCHOTT NIR cutoff filters operate, they deliver peerless picture quality and imaging for a wide variety of applications. From night vision equipment to advanced camera technology, their combination of true color imaging and consistently high quality make them essential for a range of sectors.

Hand holding a camera lens looking at a sunset

Color photography

Advanced digital cameras, smartphones and video cameras benefit from SCHOTT NIR cutoff filters, which allow them to respond to light in the same way as the human eye. This results in naturally brilliant colors, even in challenging light conditions and extreme shooting environments. SCHOTT filters are the ideal partners for high-quality smartphones and DSLR cameras.

Smartphone camera taking photo of colorful flowers

Sensors for extremely thin applications

The world around us is precisely rendered by SCHOTT filters when incorporated into image sensors, which heighten the viewing experience by generating totally natural colors. Our filters help to optimize color sensors in low thickness applications, adding a greater sense of realism to smartphone images. It also enhances colors in home entertainment systems and provides businesses and the technology sector with superior imaging quality.

Close-up portrait of a bearded special forces soldier looking through a pair of night vision goggles

NVIS compatibility

SCHOTT’s cutting-edge optics technology plays a vital role in police and rescue operations. NIR cutoff filters are used in the displays and operation controls of night vision gear – essential equipment for the emergency services. Whether it’s police officers tracking suspects or rescue services seeking those trapped in ruined buildings during a disaster, reliable imaging equipment is a life-saver.

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