Laser Materials and Components

SCHOTT is a world leader in optical solutions, offering a wide range of materials and components for state-of-the-art laser applications. Those applications are found in the science, industry, medical and defense sectors, which all rely on the optimal performance of lasers and their high quality components.

Green laser light in a dark laboratory

The science of laser technology

SCHOTT laser materials and components are integrated into a broad range of scientific applications, covering frontier fundamental physics, new nuclear physics and astrophysics, as well as material science and life sciences.

Sparks flying from an industrial laser cutting machine

Industrial laser cutting and welding

The largest application of laser materials processing is high-power laser cutting and welding, which is stimulating a worldwide growth in demand for laser equipment. Lasers are already essential tools in monitoring and materials processing for many areas of industry, and SCHOTT’s versatile portfolio provides a wide range of products that can be customized according to customer requirement.

Solider in camouflage using a rangefinder to determine distance

The cutting edge of security

Aerospace and security applications push the limits of technology and demand very high tolerances in accuracy and resolution. Precise range finding is now essential for observation and target location, and SCHOTT offers laser products that are eye-safe and unable to be detected by conventional night vision devices, even when equipped with image intensifiers.

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