Close up of SCHOTT CoralPor® Macro-Porous glass particle


SCHOTT CoralPor® Nano- and Macro-Porous glasses have rigid amorphous microstructures that offer outstanding properties, including robust mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance. The capability to tailor pore structures in terms of size and volume combined with easy surface functionalization enables a broad variety of applications.
Close up image of SCHOTT CoralPor® porous glass

A wealth of application opportunities

The unique properties of porous glass make it one of the most extensively researched amorphous solids. Application possibilities include its use as a biotechnological substrate, a filter/membrane material, a highly efficient desiccant, and a carrier for liquids. Learn more in the Applications section.

Glass melting inside a furnace

High-quality porous material from Europe’s leader in specialty glass

SCHOTT covers the entire value chain – from glass melt to “naked” Controlled Pore Glass (CPG) – in-house. Our glass expertise enables the high quality and precise tailoring of shape and pore characteristics to suit specific application and usage requirements.

Glass dish full of CoralPor® Nano-Porous glass powder

Product variants

SCHOTT CoralPor® Nano- and Macro-Porous glasses have fundamentally different properties. Both types are available in a variety of product specifications to cover an exceptionally broad range of use cases. As well as powders and granulates, porous glasses are available as monolithic rods, discs, plates, and custom shapes.

More about Variants
SCHOTT CoralPor® Nano-Porous glass is available in powder form

We are certified

Our products are DIN ISO 9001 and Environment ISO 14001 certified.

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