PYRAN® Platinum Fire-Rated Glass-Ceramics

PYRAN® Platinum Fire-Rated Glass-Ceramics

PYRAN® Platinum glass-ceramic is a popular choice for fire doors and windows that need to provide fire protection as well as conform to the required hose stream test. Its colorless appearance and safety qualities give it a wide range of applications in doors, windows, transoms and sidelites.
Glass wall of a meeting room in a corporate office


Available in sheet sizes up to 51 x 99” – the largest in the industry – PYRAN® Platinum is ideal for fire-rated window glazing, offering protection from fire, hot gases and smoke for up to 90 minutes. PYRAN® Platinum also remains clear while under heavy thermal loads, and can be lightly sandblasted or delivered with surface-applied opacity film without affecting its fire-rating.

Internal door in a corporate office with fire-rated safety glazing


Assembled with the frame, hardware and other accessories, PYRAN® Platinum glass-ceramic is the ideal material for the glazed areas of fire doors, not only providing protection from the spread of fire, hot gases and smoke, but offering vital light and vision for a building’s occupants during an emergency. Since door lites have a high risk of impact, the PYRAN® Platinum L and PYRAN® Platinum F variants add impact protection to high heat resistance.

Internal wall featuring windows and transoms with fire-rated safety glazing

Transoms and sidelites

Surrounding a fire door, transoms and sidelites may add style and light to the interior of a building, but they need to offer just as much fire protection as the door itself. Fire-rated for up to 90 minutes, PYRAN® Platinum also remains clear during a fire, providing essential vision for a building’s occupants to have a clear view of the exits in an emergency.

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