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Meet the ultimate glass lover


Meet the ultimate glass lover: THE RECEPTIONIST

Every company needs a hero. We have plenty of them but Fritz is the funniest. Watch his latest adventures in the SCHOTT headquarters as he tackles the most awkward situations in our exclusive series. Because life is serious enough.

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Fritz comes in peace. And with cheese. But how do the aliens feel about this?

What Fritz adores: Our specialty glass masterpieces

Cover glass

Will there ever be unbreakable glass? We are certainly working on it. With our break resistant Xensation® α (Alpha) cover glass, we have come a lot closer to this vision. We are proud to provide users with a safe feeling in everyday life with this high-performance cover glass, for example in premium vivo models.

Flexible glass

The idea for flexible glass may not be based on a cheese sandwich – as Fritz claims – but the result is the same: ultra-thin glass (SCHOTT UTG®) that’s incredibly thin and bendable. Branded as SCHOTT Xensation® Flex, it’s a crucial component of the latest foldable smartphones loved by Fritz and #glasslovers everywhere.

SCHOTT glass in space

For centuries, humans have sought to uncover the secrets of the universe. At SCHOTT, Fritz is on his own path to discovery. We supply the astronomy and space sectors with specialty glass products that have applications in satellites, rockets, ground stations, and telescopes, among others. Together with our partners in the industry, we are making a new era in space exploration a reality.


The SCHOTT FLEXINITY® portfolio is a revolution in thin and ultra-thin glass structuring, capable of carrying any design or shape you can think of. Give us an idea and we will create it. Crazy what we produce here, huh?

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