LED Fiber Lighting Module

The exceptionally bright SCHOTT® Fiber Lighting Module (FLM 4) couples LED light into small fiber optic bundles to provide an effective light source for a range of applications. This impressive illumination is ideal for complex surgical operations and precise diagnostic procedures.
Silver SCHOTT® LED Fiber Lighting Module connected to a green microchip

Compact and customizable

Based on a standard platform, the SCHOTT® Fiber Lighting Module can be highly customized, with a variety of color rendering index (CRI) and color temperature (CT) options. The large selection of LEDs enables precise customization for your individual application.

Silver SCHOTT® LED Fiber Lighting Module for medical and diagnostics applications

Excellence in light quality

With a color temperature range of 2700-5700 K and a typical color rendering index from 70-90, the SCHOTT® LED Fiber Lighting Module is an excellent choice for all medical applications where smaller light guides are required.

We are certified

SCHOTT continues to offer high quality products and services along tight regulatory directives to meet your requirements as medical devices manufacturer.


Karen Holst, Senior Product Manager for Medical at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging
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