Selection of clear glass tubing arranged in a curve

Glass Tubing with High UV Transmission

SCHOTT sets the standard for glass tubing with high UV transmission, demonstrated by SCHOTT 8337B, RayVolution® D 99 and 8347 glasses. Robust and heat-resistant, they are especially suitable for sealing with tungsten or the alloy Kovar, which makes them a major asset in UV lighting and sensing applications.
A circle of SCHOTT 8405 clear glass tubing

Advantages across the board

Offering high UV transmittance and matched thermal expansion, SCHOTT 8337B, RayVolution® D 99 and 8347 glasses have a lot going for them. While SCHOTT 8337B is commonly used as housing in UV light sensors and flash lamps, SCHOTT RayVolution® D 99 is essential for UV disinfection lighting applications such as UV purifier robots.

A selection of SCHOTT high UV-C transmitting clear glass tubing

Strong sealing properties

SCHOTT high UV-C transmitting glasses can achieve a strong direct seal with tungsten or Kovar to provide strong and stable housing with wires and metal components in specialist lighting and sensors. Since this seal is extremely tight, it ensures the unique atmospheres inside the glass envelope remain intact.

Series of clear SCHOTT 8337B glass tubing with high UV transmission of different sizes

Product variants

From the versatile SCHOTT 8337B to the SCHOTT RayVolution® D 99 germicidal glass tubing, our range of high UV transmitting glasses offer a broad range of properties for a variety of applications. As well as glass tubing, our 8337B glass discs can be tailored for a range of purification purposes or as part of a sensor unit.

More about variants
A selection of SCHOTT 8347 glass tubing of different sizes
A selection of SCHOTT 8405 glass tubing of different sizes
Wafer (RayVolution)
A selection of small clear glass discs of different sizes

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