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SCHOTT® CleanPlus coating

Save 96% of your cleaning effort on a glass hob and protect the environment
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Upgrade your glass hob with CleanPlus coating

Our cutting-edge glass hob tops have an ultra-thin coating to make cleaning easy, no matter what the mess. Chemically resistant and scrub-friendly, our game-changing invisible CleanPlus coating is highly durable and doesn’t need a cleaning agent.

Did you know?
57% of end consumers are either dissatisfied or only moderately satisfied with the cleaning properties of their cooktop!* 

Do quotes such as “A self-cleaning hob would be brilliant” or “I want a cooking surface that is still stylish and aesthetic after five years” or “easy to clean is one of the most important things to me” seems familiar to you? 

*Source: Client Study, SCHOTT
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Water drops on a glass panel with SCHOTT® CleanPlus coating

Thanks to SCHOTT's innovative coating, there's no build up of stubborn food residues

Surface of a glass hob top

SCHOTT® CleanPlus coating requires 96% less effort to clean than a standard hob top

SCHOTT® CleanPlus coating makes cooktop cleaning 96% easier when compared to a standard glass hob.

Fully certified for maximum protection

  • Environmental and health authority standard

    SCHOTT® CleanPlus does not affect the taste or smell of food and meets §31 (1) of German Food and Commodity Goods Law (LMBG) and §8 of Commodities Ordinance (BGVO).
  • Acceptance test procedure

    Test procedures for checking mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties available for setting up internal acceptance test in your laboratory
  • REACH, RoHS compliance

    SCHOTT® CleanPlus coating fully complies with all REACH and RoHS regulations.
  • Anti-mold

    Glass coating shows an anti-mold effect in the ASTM D 3273 test (Test Report/EPH Inst).
  • Cleanability

    SCHOTT® CleanPlus significantly reduces the effort required for cleaning by 96% and prevents damaging chemical reactions between the glass substrate and liquids such as oil and coffee.

Take your glass hob to the next level

SCHOTT’s exclusive whitepaper describes all the advantages of this incredible coating.

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