Illustration of an electric vehicle at an EV charging station

Glass Panels for EV Chargers

Discover a huge variety of design options of glass panels for charging stations and wall boxes.

Glass panels for charging stations and wall boxes

With the transport sector being transformed to electric power, there’s a huge demand for charging points for electric vehicles (EV). SCHOTT glass panels for charging stations and wall boxes for both homes and businesses provide simple, effective operation and a wide range of design options. 

E-charging stations

Glass control panels designed for the future

The success of electric vehicles depends on reliable charging points that offer intuitive operation and informative displays, as well as attractive design and a tough, weather-proof exterior. The high mechanical and chemical resistance of SCHOTT glass panels give them a long-lasting quality, while a range of design options gives manufacturers the freedom to create unique control panels and displays. These options include a choice of surface finishes, tactile feedback and haptic effects, semi-transparent printing for bright-light effects, and circuits printed directly onto the glass. 
E-charging stations made of glass

Countless glass design possibilities for e-charging stations or wall boxes

Glass display for an e-charging station with icons

Glass display for an e-charging station with icons

Glass design options for e-charging stations

Corner and edge profiles for an individual look

Our glass control panels have a range of corner and edge profiles to give your EV charger a unique look. These options include standard round edges, flat, matt, or polished edges, and up to four sides of beveled edging. We also offer special edge grinding for flush assembly of the glass into frames.

Line of glass panels with flat, matt, polished, and bevelled edges

Printing effects for unique designs

We offer a wide variety of multicolor printing effects for a unique design, including metallic, matt, mirror, semi-transparent, and haptic effects, plus front and back printing on the same panel. The use of highly durable ceramic inks ensures exceptional chemical and scratch resistance.

Black glass panel printed with ON symbol

Features for smooth glass-user interfaces

The interaction between charger and driver is crucial for its success, and we offer a number of features to improve this. These include IR transmissive colors for non-contact operation, SCHOTT® Smart Touch for haptic feedback, dead front effect printing that only shows symbols and displays in the ‘on’ mode, and circuits printed directly onto the glass for easy connection to electronic components for touch control functionality.

Back of a glass panel featuring printed circuits

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