SCHOTT® HelioIntense SpectrumCC light source for aviation lighting

Aviation Light Sources

SCHOTT’s advanced LED light sources combine with a stylish range of fiber optic lighting solutions for aircraft seat, monument and decorative cabin illumination. Blending subtlety and esthetic appeal with practicality and reliability, SCHOTT Aviation Light Sources can be tailored to fit design and color scheme requirements.

Interior of an aircraft cabin featuring spotlights and window lights

Discreet but effective

SCHOTT Aviation Light Sources range from white or single-color LEDs to sources with both color and brightness controls. One LED source can cover several lights, and while the visible part of the light can be modified to suit cabin design, the light source is discreetly hidden.

Interior of a businessclass aircraft cabin featuring spotlights and reading lights

Modular design for cost-effective maintenance

SCHOTT Aviation Light Sources can offer illumination in several different areas of an aircraft cabin, dovetailing with design visions as well as fitting in with technical requirements. Since both source and light are modular in design, they can also easily be replaced, reducing maintenance costs.

Single, white LED light, part of the SCHOTT® HelioIntense SpectrumCC range of aviation lighting

Product variants

The SCHOTT® HelioBasic II light source is small and lightweight – especially useful when space is limited. The SCHOTT® HelioIntense source is ideal for seat, monument and functional cabin lighting. In addition, the SCHOTT® HelioIntense SpectrumCC source offers color and brightness control for homogeneous mood lighting scenarios.

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Single white LED light, part of the SCHOTT® HelioIntense single-color aviation lighting system
SCHOTT® HelioBasic II light source for aviation lighting

We are certified

SCHOTT Aviation Lighting is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for quality and environment, and EASA Parts 21/G and 145 for Production.

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Intuitive functionality

Ben Rowan, Director at PriestmannGoode, discusses how SCHOTT’s lighting technology inspired him and his team to create compact in-seat reading lights with distinct design and intuitive features.

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