Main building of the SCHOTT plant in Jena, Germany


Jena is the founding location of today's SCHOTT Group. Here you will find the group’s main competence centers for float technology and diagnostics.

The birthplace of a global company

Jena is the founding location of the global corporation SCHOTT AG (the AG meaning “Aktiengesellschaft”, a shareholder-controlled company). Back in 1884, Otto Schott, Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss founded the "Glass Technology Laboratory Schott und Gen.,” the nucleus of today's SCHOTT Group.

Today's principal focus of SCHOTT’s operations in Jena is the development, production, and processing of high strength and extremely thermally resistant specialty glasses. Floated borosilicate glass is processed here as the key material for a wide variety of products, including fire-resistant and safety glazing, impact-resistant smartphone cover glass, products for diagnostic and medical technology, vehicle glazing, and glass for household appliances.

In addition, Jena is the home the SCHOTT Archives and the SCHOTT Villa museum, which you can visit free of charge.

What we offer

Markets and Applications

At its Jena base, SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions specializes in highly stable and thermally resistant specialty glass products. The resulting portfolio includes floated and rolled borosilicate glass ideal for a wide variety of applications, including fire and safety glass for architectural use, glass substrates for optical filters and lenses, substrates for diagnostic tools in the medical field, glass for wafer production in semiconductor technology, components for industrial plants, and floated lithium-aluminosilicate and aluminosilicate glass for the consumer electronics markets.

Melting of special glass


BOROFLOAT® has set new industry standards as the world’s first floated borosilicate glass. Available in a range of thicknesses, its outstanding transparency, mechanical strength and thermal and chemical resistance make it suitable for a range of demanding applications. The rolled borosilicate glass SUPREMAX® offers similar advantages in greater thicknesses.

PYRAN®, PYRANOVA® and PYRAN® Platinum are also market leaders in fire-resistant glazing solutions, while Xensation® Up. cover glass has set new standards for mobile electronic devices. In addition, NEXTERION® is the go-to brand for cleaned and coated substrates in scientific research and diagnostics.


Where to find us


Otto-Schott-Straße 13
07745 Jena, Germany

About the region

One of the most innovative cities in Germany

Located in the Saale Valley, Jena was described as "the most beautiful that I have known for a long time" by the legendary poet and playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in 1818. But after Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott established SCHOTT AG in 1884, the city became better known as an important center for the optics industry.

Founded in 1558, the Friedrich Schiller University is also located in Jena, along with numerous research laboratories and institutes, making Jena one of Germany’s key hubs for innovation.


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