Gas cooktop with SCHOTT® CleanPlus coating

SCHOTT® CleanPlus coating for cooktops

Benefits for end consumers:

• 96% easier to clean

• No need for cleaning agents


57% of end consumers are dissatisfied or moderately satisfied with the cleaning properties of their cooktop!*

Do quotes such as “A self-cleaning hob would be brilliant” or “I want a cooking surface that is still stylish and aesthetic after five years” seems familiar to you? *Source: Client Study, SCHOTT.
An end consumer
Easy to clean is one of the most important things to me!*

SCHOTT® CleanPlus coating has improved cooktop cleaning by making it 96% easier compared to a standard glass hob.

Discover how SCHOTT® CleanPlus makes cleaning your cooktop simple, year after year.

Fully certified for maximum protection

  • Environmental and health authority standard

    SCHOTT® CleanPlus does not affect the taste or smell of food and meets §31 (1) of German Food and Commodity Goods Law (LMBG) and §8 of Commodities Ordinance (BGVO).
  • Acceptance test procedure

    Test procedures for checking mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties available for setting up internal acceptance test in your laboratory
  • REACH, RoHS compliance

    SCHOTT® CleanPlus coating fully complies with all REACH and RoHS regulations.
  • Anti-mold

    Glass coating shows an anti-mold effect in the ASTM D 3273 test (Test Report/EPH Inst).
  • Cleanability

    SCHOTT® CleanPlus significantly reduces the effort required for cleaning by 96% and prevents damaging chemical reactions between the glass substrate and liquids such as oil and coffee.

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Gregor Grosse

Director Global Product Development & Innovation Home Appliances

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