Tubular Glass Photobioreactor for algae production

SCHOTT offers technically and economically superior products for photobioreactors (PBRs) to the algae market. Borosilicate glass tubing DURAN® allow for optimum light input for highest growth rates. With glass U-bends, manifolds and food-grade couplings we provide reliable and long lasting solutions for bio-secure algae cultivation of haematococcus, spirulina and others.

DURAN® Glass bends for pneumatic conveying systems

High precision glass bends made from optimum quality DURAN® are available in a wide range of diameters with various bend angles. By accurately matching the inner diameter of the glass bends to existing conveying systems, combined with the resitant and food grade glass properties , DURAN® Glass Bends offer a durable alternative for existing pneumatic conveying systems. For reliable protection against electrostatic discharge, it is necessary to provide all tubing with copper conductive tape.

Inspiring solutions for architectural applications

CONTURAX®, CONTURAX® Pro, DURAN® and DURATAN® allow high transparency and thermal shock resistance as well as hard and smooth surfaces that are scratch resistant. High standards of dimensional accuracy in combination with an exceptional range of shapes and dimensions provide unlimited possibilities.

Glass tubing for halogen lamps

Given its high temperature compatibility and resistance to thermal shock, SCHOTT's aluminosilicate glass tubing is a perfect fit for use in halogen lamps in the automotive industry. The tubes, which are alkali-free and whose coefficient of expansion matches the molybdenum filament, can be easily processed and provide the highest longevity for standard halogen lamp applications.

Glass tubing for pharmaceutical packaging

The high dimensional quality of our glass tubing allows our customers to produce highly precise primary packaging, especially for delicate component parts such as syringe tip caps.

Engineered Systems and Plants

DURAN® Borosilicate Glass 3.3 tubing from SCHOTT is an indispensable component in systems construction: DURAN® tubes are exceptionally corrosion resistant, chemically inert and will not burn, offer high geometrical accuracy and excellent optical properties. A wide range of dimensions and variable lengths help to reduce and or eliminate the need for subsequent dilation or part assembly.

Glass tubing for laboratory glass

Thanks to its high corrosion resistance in contact with acids, salt solutions, lyes and organic substances, DURAN® glass tubing is especially suited to the manufacture of laboratory glass items. High thermal shock resistance and a very wide dimensional spectrum with exceedingly narrow tolerances make glass tubing from DURAN® ideal for the manufacture of standard components for laboratory glass.

Street lamps with cylindrical solar panels

Thanks to the robust glass surface and geometrical accuracy, DURAN® glass tubes are an ideal component for autonomous solar light poles.

Glass for extreme tests

Here, filters made from SCHOTT glass tubing allow for stress tests to be performed that imitate exposure to real solar radiation. These filters are used in weathering machines that help predict the wearing properties of materials ranging from textiles and synthetics to car finishes and other coatings.

Highlighting of Products

It is often said that “what is on the inside matters the most” and in this case we could not agree more. High transparency, scratch resistance and geometrical accuracy make SCHOTT glass tubing and rods the ideal partner to showcase your products.  By using a round glass product display it enables complete focus on the product that is been presented. No attention is taken away by corners or edges due the cylindrical shape.

Moto Guzzi V9 History

Soluciones de tubos de vidrio para sus aplicaciones

Los tubos de vidrio SCHOTT se utilizan en muchos sectores industriales: desde arquitectura hasta iluminación, material de laboratorio y envases farmacéuticos, hasta fotobiorreactores.
Los aproximadamente 60 tipos de vidrio en longitudes de 0,3 mm a 10 metros y con diámetros exteriores de 0,9 mm a 460 mm ofrecen soluciones para requisitos individuales. Puede filtrar nuestros tipos de vidrio para aplicaciones o propiedades en nuestro Glass Tubing Explorer.

¿Tiene requisitos especiales y necesita asesoramiento para elegir el tipo correcto de vidrio?