Features and Benefits of Borosilicate Glass versus Polymer Materials

Light Transmission

  • Excellent light transmission
  • No solarization or browning effect
  • No UV-protective additive or coating necessary to secure material properties
  • Lifetime of Borosilicate glass tubing > 20 years

Fire protection

  • Glass does not burn or give off toxic fumes


  • Glass is a chemically highly resistant material. With plastic tubing, depending on the polymer type, monomers or oligomers of hazardous substances such as Bisphenol-molecules can be leached into the algae culture.


  • Mechanical stability allows continous in-line cleaning with polymer pellets
  • Chemical stability allows cleaning with regular common chemical cleaning agents
  • Lower material and maintenance costs compared to quality polymer tubes
Borosilicate Glass
Borosilicate Glass

Thermal stability

  • No need for expansion loops due to low thermal expansion
Example: for 5.5 m long tubes and a temperature increase of 20 °C/ 36 °F the expansion of Borosilicate glass is only 0.36 mm/0.01’’ while polymers expand from 3.3-8.8 mm/0.13’’-0.35’’ depending on polymer type

Cost saving

  • No need for tube replacement over the normal lifetime of the algae production plant
  • Reduced number of racks due to high mechanical stability, which allows increased tube support distances without sagging of tubes Example: double distance compared to PMMA
  • Reduced number of connections due to standard tube length of 5.5 m
Sagging of water filled tubes
Sagging of water filled tubes (outer diameter 65mm, wall thickness 2.2mm, length 2.75 m). The sag of the glass and polymer tubes is 0.5 mm and 8.6 mm, respectively. The polymer tube would need to be supported every 1.5 m for the same sag as the glass tube (support every 2.75 m).


  • No permanent deformation of glass tubes in contrast to polymer tubes
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