What’s your story?

What’s your story?

Every tube tells a different story

Enjoy discovering the world of technical tubing applications!

Special glass tubing for further applications

Glass tubing for applications in industry, electronics, optics and many more

Did you know that SCHOTT glass pipes are also used for the production of 360° cameras? Or in UV lamps for material testing of UV resistance? The scope of applications is huge – 60 glass types in lengths from 0.3 mm to 10,000 mm and outside diameters from 0.9 mm to 460 mm offer a broad base for numerous applications.

Each application tells a different story. Here is a collection of them – e.g. from solar street lamps in the desert to heat exchangers for private households, to photocatalytic air cleaning systems.

The glass features are aligned with the applications. In the SCHOTT Glass Tubing Explorer you can search for usage as well as for special properties the glass should have.

Do you have a special product which could require our special glass piping as a solution? Ask us!
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