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SCHOTT already has a very long history in the field of lighting applications. Most interestingly, SCHOTT is actually the inventor of glass made for the old gas street lamps. Due to the weakness of the existing soda-lime and lead glass, Otto Schott invented the borosilicate glass 3.3 which is resistant to chemicals as well as heat and thermal shock. It was registered under the brand name DURAN®  in 1938(1)Thanks to Otto Schott, this glass type could now be used for the gas lamp cylinders without bursting into pieces.
Over the years, SCHOTT has constantly developed, improved and diversified, whilst not forgetting its origin. Now the time has come again, where SCHOTT can go back to its roots. Borosilicate glass comes back into play, for the purpose it was originally invented for, more than 120 years ago. The only difference now, is that borosilicate glass is used for LED lamps and to cover Photovoltaic modules for autonomous streetlights.

knowhow in lighting applications brings together even more glass types. It doesn’t matter if it’s aluminosilicate glass types for halogen lamps for the automotive industry or special glasses for medical and technical UV lamps or for display technology, light can only be as effective as the lamp that produces it. Therefore, the selection of a suitable glass is extremely important to ensure that a lamp not only produces optimal illumination but also does so in a safe and hygienic way.

(1) DURAN® is a registered trademark of the DWK Life Sciences GmbH

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