Interaction of glass tubing and light

Transparent to visible and infrared light

You will find SCHOTT tubing glass types with optimized transmission in the visible and infrared spectrum.

The expected transparency of glass must often be optimized for technical applications, such as for renewable solar energies.

UV transparency

Glass tubing with especially high UV transparency is often employed in UV lamps such as in CCL and deuterium lamps. The former are used, for instance, to sterilize water. In addition to soft glass 8405, borosilicate glass 8347 and 8337B are also available. Glass type 8337B is appropriate for sealing with KOVAR-type metals and Tungsten.

You will find detailed information on these glass types, including their transmission curves for the UV range, in our Glass Tubing Explorer.

UV block

Glass can guard products and materials which need protection from UV light. There are a broad range of applications where UV light protection is needed. 

FIOLAX® amber and ILLAX® are two colored glasses that effectively protect drugs and other sensitive substances from UV light. You can find their transmission curves here, as well as in our Glass Tubing Explorer.

ILLAX® colored glass and DUROBAX® amber are used in technical applications.  Clear glass can also provide a strong UV block: Borosilicate glass 8689 is solarization stabilized and can be fused with tungsten.

Glass 8271N features defined UV absorption, it is also solarization-stabilized and suitable for fusing with KOVAR, and provides high electrical insulation. Glass 8270 boasts the same properties, but in addition to the option of fusing it with other KOVAR-type metals, it can also be fused with molybdenum.

Transmission - Tailored to your requirements

Does the list of glasses above not quite match your requirements? Here at SCHOTT we are able to react to special filter requirements in the glass. If required a tailored made product can be developed.

Refractive index of glass tubing

For light guides and fiber-optic technology, the right refractive index of core and cladding glass plays a major role in the performance of the fibers. Whether you need glass with a high or low refractive index, look no further than Glass 8095 and 8250 in the SCHOTT Tubing Portfolio.
You can target your search by specific refractive indexes nd by using the filter "Properties" in our Glass Tubing Explorer:
Selection Filter features in Glass Tubing Explorer:
Selection „Refractive Index nd“:
Define range:
If you are not sure which type of glass is right for your application or whether glass is the appropriate material? Just ask our glass specialists!
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