Ecoduna Case Story ROW2

ecoduna AG produces in a photobioreactor featuring SCHOTT components
Europe’s largest producer of algae-based omega-3 uses 230 km of DURAN® glass tubing from SCHOTT

Does a change from plastic containers to glass tubes improve the productivity of our photobioreactor (PBR) and significantly reduce our operating costs? ecoduna AG was faced with this question.
For several years, the Austrian company had developed a particularly efficient technology for algae production in a pilot plant. The special thing about it: The algae solution flows vertically through the PBR instead of the usual horizontal method.

However, the production process had to be repeatedly interrupted for cleaning due to the formation of biofilm in the plastic components. These frequent cleaning operations, meant that the plastic components had to be replaced more quickly because they were scratched by the cleaning process.

This is why ecoduna, together with SCHOTT, has revised the architecture of its PBR to replace plastic components with DURAN® glass tubes. Since then, the system has been running smoothly and reliably producing its high output.
This case story shows you how ecoduna has improved the productivity of its PBR design and reduced operating costs by converting from plastic to glass tubing.
  • ecoduna AG has developed a particularly efficient technology for algae production in the last few years: a vertical photobioreactor (PBR).
  • An important step in the technology’s development was switching from plastic components to the glass system from SCHOTT. The system has run smoothly since the switch.
  • The ecoduna system with SCHOTT glass tubes significantly reduces operating costs and enables continuous production and higher yields.
  • ecoduna’s technology has been in use at Europe’s largest plant for algae-based omega-3 fatty acid production since 2018.
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