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How to choose the correct tubing material for photobioreactors

Sustainable productivity rates? Clearly quantifiable production costs?
You are searching for a tubular PBR that meets exactly these criteria for your algae cultivation.

In order to reach these goals, you should focus on the quality of the tubing that will be used in your PBR design. Why? Because the overall efficiency of the tubular system determines the growth dynamics of the algae within the PBR. The tubes can be produced using various source materials: one being glass and the other being different polymer types such as UV-PVC and PMMA.

In our guideline, we systematically compare glass and polymer tubing for use in a PBR. After reading this, you will understand which material is suitable for certain applications. Then you can make an informed decision based on your own requirements.
In this ebook you will understand:
  • Glass, UV-PVC or PMMA - Which material offers the highest productivity rates in tubular PBR systems?
  • Which materials lose efficiency over time through degradation?
  • Why material stiffness is a factor in tubular systems that influences both lifetime and production costs?
  • What influence the surface roughness has on the formation of biofilm?
  • What cleaning methods are available for tubular PBRs, and their effect on lifetime?
  • What is the typical 'service life' of tubular PBRs made of glass and polymer?
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