Compare three types in 5 minutes: Glass PBR, Open Pond and Plastic Bag Systems

Risk of contamination?
Reliable production process?

Are you looking for the ideal algae cultivation system for your individual requirements? Then you will have already realised that a multitude of decision parameters are important.

This Assessment gives you a first impression of how a Glass PBR, Open Pond and Plastic Bag Systems could be suitable for your targets. You just need to score eleven important decision parameters about your requirements. As a result, you get an evaluation score that shows you at a glance how excellent these three widespread breeding methods can help you to achieve your business targets.

Quickly to the result
Score the eleven decision parameters. Simple, uncomplicated and fast. You immediately receive an evaluation of your requirements. With this Assessment, you can get your individual assessment in 5 minutes.
You can find out which algae cultivation system is best suited to your situation by answering questions such as these, for example: How important is it to you that the biomass produced is of high quality? What are the costs for the area on which you want to grow algae? How important is it that your production process is reliable and that a certain output is achieved? (e.g. due to delivery obligations) How important is it that your algae cultivation system can be cleaned automatically? (clean in place) How important is Total Cost of Ownership to you as an evaluation parameter when selecting the appropriate algae cultivation method?

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