Medical and Dental Technology – Advancements through Glass.

SCHOTT offers advanced solutions for a variety of medical applications.

From special glass for pharmaceutical packaging to fiber optic systems; from LED solutions to bioactive glass for applications in the cosmetics industry: SCHOTT offers trend-setting solutions for a variety of different medical applications.
Special Glass Tubing
Special Glass Tubing Reliable and sophisticated packaging, laboratory, device design engineering and cosmetics. More
Fiber Optics & LED for the Medical Industry
Medical & Dental Lighting and Imaging
In use in the medical industry for more than 50 years. More
Fiber Optics & LED for Microscopy
Stereo Microsccopy Illumination
For highly-accurate analyses: Lighting for microscopy and macroscopic technology. More
Microarray Solutions
Microarray Solutions
High-quality glass substrates and accessories for microarray applications. More
Dental Glass
Dental Glass
Purest glass powders for modern dental fillings. More
Bioactive Glass
Bioactive Glass
Mineralizing and skin soothing: Glass powder for sensitive skin. More
Special Glass for Microscopy
Special Glass for Microscopy
Cover glass and specimen slides for reliable microscopic analyses. More
Radiation Shielding Glass
Radiation Shielding Glass
On the safe side: Optimal protection against x-ray and gamma ray radiation. More
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