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Reflective waveguides for Augmented Reality: Lumus and SCHOTT enter into Strategic Partnership
Lumus, the pioneering innovator of reflective waveguide displays for Augmented Reality (AR) devices, has joined forces with SCHOTT, the leading supplier to the growing AR industry. Based on a strategic partnership agreement between the companies, SCHOTT has built a manufacturing setup to supply Lumus’ core technology, the Lightguide Optical Element (LOE), which is based on reflective waveguide technology. More
SCHOTT delivers pharma vials to package 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines
SCHOTT supports the world’s fight against COVID-19 with vials capable of holding up to 2 billion vaccination doses. The glassmaker and pharma packaging specialist has reached agreements with leading pharmaceutical companies, including partners of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ – the US government initiative to serve local vaccine production needs. The agreements become effective immediately and first vials are being delivered to companies in North America, Europe and Asia. SCHOTT is ideally positioned to meet the challenging demand situation, as it has been maintaining a global and already validated production network for decades. Even before the expansion, the company already produced more than 11 billion pharma containers for life-saving drugs per annum. More
SCHOTT launches new VisiLED UV Ring Light for stereo microscopy
Switch between white light and UV illumination at the touch of a button

The new SCHOTT® VisiLED UV Ring Light for stereo microscopes combines classic bright-field illumination with UV illumination. It is the only segment ring light on the market in which white-light and UV-LEDs are alternately installed in eight segments. This LED arrangement allows objects to be examined from the same illumination angle, which significantly improves the ability to compare and reproduce resulting images. While the homogenous white light displays samples in natural color, UV excitation reveals previously invisible parts of the sample through fluorescence. The SCHOTT MC 1100 Controller (available for separate purchase) makes it easy to switch between the two illumination modes.
The end of the war brought the deepest cut in company history
SCHOTT celebrates the legendary “Odyssey of 41 Glassmakers” 75 years ago More
Better Together: Partnership of Two Industry Leaders Provides Fast and Easy Access to Optical Filters
Two top brands, Edmund Optics® and SCHOTT, have expanded their collaboration to better serve customer needs. More
Leading pharma packaging companies commit to supply for Covid-19 fight
Stevanato Group, SCHOTT, and Gerresheimer confirm the readiness to support future Covid-19 Vaccine with pharmaceutical containers More
Glass-ceramics optimize exhaust gas sensors
Heatan™ reduces manufacturing steps, components and space required for sensors

An innovative technology for glass-ceramic insulators can fundamentally change the production of exhaust gas sensors. Heatan are components manufactured entirely by SCHOTT. They combine a material developed specifically for this purpose with a matching production method. The result is a significant reduction in the number of parts in a typical sensor as well as the space required. What’s more, only two production steps are needed instead of 20.
Reduced Contamination Risk and Higher Process Yield in Bioreactors
Innovative SCHOTT ViewPort™ PAT components enable in-situ bioprocess monitoring without compromising the sterile boundary

Biopharmaceutical processes require reliable analytical methods to ensure product safety, quality and productivity. However, conventional methods depend on opening the bioreactor when extracting a sample or compromising the sterile boundary when inserting a probe, which increases the risk of contamination. With SCHOTT ViewPort™ process analytical technology (PAT) components, continuous in-situ measurement is possible without penetrating the bioreactor barrier. The metal conduit, which acts as a receptacle and optical interface for sensors or spectrometers, features a tightly sealed optical window consisting of sapphire, which enables real-time process monitoring. The components are developed and manufactured by the optical glass and glass-to-metal sealing expert SCHOTT in Germany, and are available as standard variants for multi-use bioreactors (MUB) as well as customized versions for single-use bioreactors (SUB).
The most flexible ultra-thin glass for foldable displays and flip phones: SCHOTT introduces Xensation® Flex – the foldable glass revolution
New Xensation® Flex is ultra-thin glass (UTG) that is flexible enough to bend around one’s finger after processing and available in mass production.

SCHOTT – a leading global UTG powerhouse since the 1990s – offers the industry’s most flexible glass, with a bending radius lower than 2 mm and thicknesses less than a human hair after processing.

Besides its outstanding flexibility, Xensation® Flex can be chemically toughened. This makes it a suitable material for flip phones, which require both flexible and strong displays. The high-transparency of Xensation® Flex makes it a premium option to create high-end user experience.

SCHOTT, the inventor of specialty glass, is pushing the boundaries of human imagination with its flexible glass line-up. The international technology group now introduces Xensation® Flex, the most flexible ultra-thin glass that is available in mass production. The new flexible cover glass product line-up offers breathtaking bending radii below 2 mm after processing and is an addition to the company’s Xensation® high-performance glass portfolio.
SCHOTT Pharmaversity – Sharing expertise. Shaping tomorrow
Global pharma specialist in primary packaging SCHOTT launches a new service for the entire pharmaceutical industry. SCHOTT founded the Pharmaversity, an inspirational network hub for experts in the industry, provided by experts in glass and polymer. This is in line with SCHOTT’s mind-set to strongly focus on collaborative aspects as a key business driver and to share knowledge among the key players in the industry to move it forward together. More
Enabling Vision Restoration with Glass Encapsulation
NanoRetina announces successful preliminary results for its NR600 Artificial Retina Device using SCHOTT Primoceler’s glass laser bonding technology

NanoRetina has taken a monumental step forward in establishing its retinal implant that could represent an answer to degenerative vision loss. SCHOTT Primoceler’s hermetic glass wafer micro bonding was used for the ultra-miniature, all-glass encapsulation of the device.
SCHOTT Smart Containers: Entering a new era in digitized pharma manufacturing
In light of the growing need for pharmaceutical packaging innovations and digitalization, international technology group SCHOTT is introducing Smart Containers. The concept enables industry 4.0 for pharma manufacturers to unlock the power of machine vision and big data analytics on pharmaceutical filling lines. Each SCHOTT Smart Container is laser-marked with a unique identifier to create unprecedented traceability throughout the manufacturing process. The technology can be used to improve reject management and line clearance. Other applications include reducing the risk of mix-up, optimizing lyophilization processes, and supporting container-based targeted recalls. More
A new experience in pellet fires - ROBAX® NightView pellet stoves from SCHOTT set the stage
SCHOTT presents a new glass ceramic for pellet stoves at the Progetto Fouco Trade Fair

The translucent-black fire-viewing panel makes flames a sight for the eyes and is an appealing alternative to double glazing.

SCHOTT has come up with a new product for pellet stoves for this year's Progetto Fuoco,. Translucent-black glass-ceramic ROBAX® NightView not only calms the bright and often agitated display of flames, it also conceals the technical and not always clean interior when the fire is out. The new fire-viewing panel will be on display for the first time from February 19 to 22, 2020, at the Progetto Fuoco Trade Fair in Verona, Italy (Hall 9, Stand C12).
Greater visibility with next-generation freezer doors
SCHOTT Termofrost® Slimline reduces the frame dimensions of glass doors for freezer cabinets by half and significantly improves the view of goods

SCHOTT will be presenting a trend-setting market innovation at EuroShop 2020: Thanks to innovative frame construction, the international technology group has succeeded in reducing the dimensions of the profile structure for wall mounted freezer cabinets – by 50 percent com-pared to conventional glass door systems. At the same time, the slim frame design of SCHOTT Termofrost® Slimline is much more energy efficient.
Groundbreaking ceremony for a new SCHOTT pharmaceutical packaging plant in Müllheim
Investment in the three-digit million euro range / 100 new jobs

By breaking ground, the specialty glass manufacturer SCHOTT has given the starting signal for the construction of a new production facility for sterile pharmaceutical primary packaging made of polymer at its Müllheim site in Germany. The state-of-the-art plant is to be built by 2022 with an investment volume in the three-digit million euro range and will then offer 100 additional jobs.
Sights set on the sun – DKIST delivers fascinating first images
The largest solar telescope in the world is using a mirror substrate made of the glass-ceramic ZERODUR® from SCHOTT

The first images from the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) were published end of January: They show unprecedented details of the sun’s surface and offer a preview of the outstanding results that are expected from this 4-meter solar telescope. This imaging quality is made possible by a monolithic 4.26-meter mirror made of the glass-ceramic ZERODUR®. The huge mirror diameter and the extraordinary material properties make it possible to observe structures on the sun that are 25 kilometers in size, although the sun is almost 150 million kilometers away. This equates to observing a pea from a distance of 30 kilometers. The resolving power is thus 2.6 times higher than that of the largest solar telescope to date, the Big Bear Solar Observatory near Los Angeles, which also uses a primary mirror made of ZERODUR®.
SCHOTT extends syriQ BioPure® syringe format to enable optimized administration
The new 2.25mL long syringe was developed for highly viscous biologics, which are administered by use of an autoinjector.

syriQ BioPure® syringes are specifically designed to keep sensitive biologic drugs stable over their shelf life while easing the administration process for patients. The portfolio now includes a new 2.25mL syringe format, which supports both the drug’s and patient’s needs when it comes to administering highly viscous biologics by autoinjector. The new container format will be introduced at Pharmapack trade show in Paris, February 5-6, where SCHOTT is presenting its full range of pharmaceutical containers at booth D60.
全球領先的擴增實境硬件衍射光波導設計制造商WaveOptics在2020年西部光電展(Photonics West 2020)擴增實境/虛擬現實/混合現實分展上推出了一款創新技術方案。WaveOptics的這一新技術方案亮點是一款超輕量級的具有寬廣視場範圍的光波導硬件。WaveOptics新一代方案采用了肖特公司(SCHOTT)獨有的RealViewTM晶圓。此玻璃晶圓可規模化生產,達到1.8的高折射率,在行業內屬於最先進水平,並可實現無與倫比的圖像質量。這一戰略夥伴關系標誌著可穿戴擴增實境硬件的量產生態體系實現了新的裏程碑。肖特(841號展館)和WaveOptics(8號展廳)將在2020年舊金山舉辦的SPIE(國際光學工程學會)擴增實境/虛擬現實/混合現實展和西部光電展(2月1日-6日)期間研討擴增實境消費品開發遠景。 More
Implantable Technology Breakthrough
SCHOTT Primoceler’s bonding process used in a collaboration with Geissler Companies and IRD Glass - Development of safer, non-magnetic implant Implantable devices can be safely encapsulated in miniature all-glass packages using SCHOTT Primoceler’s room-temperature bonding process that allows the use of heat-sensitive materials. This opens the possibility for non-magnetic materials to be used in implantable electronics, which have previously relied on heat-resistant ferrous metals as part of their construction. More
肖特、Inkron、EVG、WaveOptics: 全球AR領導者強強聯手於2020美國西部光電展發布下一代波導片
擴增實境(AR)領域的傑出公司之間強強聯合,攜手加快消費級AR穿戴設備的開發進程。肖特集團,Inkron公司,EV集團(EVG)和光波導元件廠商波光(WaveOptics)在2020美國西部光電展上展示了全球首個在玻璃基板上制成的折射率為1.9、結合納米樹脂結構的波導片。該波導片的生產基於一個300mm晶圓上完成,此晶圓現已可批量生產。 作為國際領先的高科技集團和光學玻璃先驅,德國肖特現推出折射率為1.9,直徑為300 mm的肖特RealView™高折射率玻璃晶圓。 此晶圓的批量生產為下一代AR波導片的量產提供了基礎,在保證AR所需的極高精度標準的同時,單位成本更低。納米技術公司Inkron所生產的樹脂折射率為1.9,憑借全集成和體量驗證的EVG HERCULES® NIL納米壓印工藝平臺,該樹脂可在單個300 mm SCHOTT RealView™1. 9晶圓上壓印多達24個波導片。此產品融合了高性能波導光學設計公司WaveOptics提供的先進的波導結構,肖特的專業光學玻璃制造經驗,Inkron的創新樹脂配方與EVG的標準納米壓印工藝(NIL)。公司間團結一致,攜手塑造AR未來。2020美國西部光電展將於2月1日至6日在美國舊金山舉行,屆時歡迎蒞臨肖特(841號展位),Inkron(5279號展位)和WaveOptics(演示廳8號展位)。 More
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