SUPREMAX® 33 Product Properties

Mechanical Properties

Density 2.2 g/cm3
Young's Modulus [E] 64 GPa
Poisson's Ratio 0.2
Shear Modulus 27 GPa
Vickers Hardness [0.2/15] 568
Knoop Hardness [0.1/20] 480

Thermal Properties

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion α [20-300°C] 3.25 x 10-6 K-1
Heat Capacity Cp [20-100°C] 0.83 x 103 J / (kg x K)
Thermal Conductivity λ [90°C] 1.2 W / (m x K)
Softening Point [107.6 dPas] 820° C
Annealing Point [1013 dPas] 560° C
Strain Point [1014.5 dPas] 518° C

Chemical Durability

Acid Resistance [ISO 1776 / DIN 12116] 1
Alcaline Resistance [ISO 695 / DIN 52322] A2
Hydrolytic Class [ISO 719 / DIN 12111]
[ISO 720]

Optical Properties

Refractive Index nd 587.6nm] 1.47140
Stress Optical Coefficient [K] 4.0 x 10-6 mm2 N-1

Electrical Properties

Dielectric Constants εr [at 25° C and 1MHz] 4.6
Loss Tangent tan δ [at 25 °C and 1MHz] 37 x 10-4
Specific Electric Volume Resistivity
lg ρ 250° C 8.0 Ω x cm
lg ρ 350° 6.5 Ω x cm
tk100 250° C
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